Wednesday, 5 October 2011

No one to sing my summer song ....... Bedazzled

Some bands from the early 90's had the baggy grooves and the haircuts but the tunes were limp, this was not the case for the band Bedazzled!. The four lads form the band in 1990 in "Gloucestershire" which was also the birth place for the mighty EMF. After gaining a decent following in their home town they landed a record deal with Columbia records and embarked on a 23 date tour of Britain.

Their only output was a handfull of singles and 1 album, but what an album it was!. The album "Sugar free" was full to the brim with catch folaty pop tunes that would rival and out play any of the bands of the scene of the time. But as the scene was being shafted by the Ever growing Grunge scene that was being championed by the NME (Sic!) the band was lost like so many of the other bands of the era. Just listen to the tracks "teenage mother superior", Railway children" and "postcards from here" and you will find an album that yes only had 10 songs but would be more heart felt, well written and catchy than anything that emerged from the Grunge scene.

Maybe it was down to the press ditching the scene to favour another to sell more papers or it might be just because they had shit management, we will never know. All i know is that if they were given a chance they would have been still making records today.

Link to the debut album "Sugar free" :

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